61 days in Beijing” is a documentary and social photography project, imbued with a strong humanist character, which is related not only to the tremendous changes produced in the Asian giant of Beijing, but also to the spirit of it’s people.

In the same way as during the imperial era, the thousand year-old colossal city of Beijing is still known as the “Centre of the Chinese Universe”, in it’s politic, economic and cultural aspects. Everything in it, – it’s squares, it’s temples, it’s history -, as much as it’s growing urbanism and traffic occupies massive proportions. It is the city in which twelve millions of souls coexist in a remarkable fusion between tradition, modernity, wisdom and serenity.

“People of Beijing” is my first extensive photographic project, initiated in 1996, taken up again in 2004 and concluded in 2006. During the first two years, I worked with film but then I decided to experiment with the possibilities of digital photography. Still, I remained faithful to my personal style and objective, seeking to reflect simple moments in the lives of those individuals.

These moments are and will be documents of the changes experimented in China